Thank you once again for supporting the work we do and allowing us to complete our next home. It is hard to believe we are already wrapping up home 102 and are moving right along with the next home. At Homes from the Heart, we are dedicated to building secure homes quickly and cost-effectively. We are able to complete a home in just two weeks with only a budget of only $5,000, which includes materials and labor. Thank you for making this possible.

Our latest home was completed for Acilia Louis Charles and her family. Our liaison, Jimmy, is well-known in the community and works to provide homes for widows first. Acilia lost her husband in a car accident and was living with her daughter and grandchildren in this mud home.

The rainy season was a challenging time for the family. As you can see, the structure contained many holes. The family sought other shelter during that time. Now, she is able to take in neighbors during the rainy times, she says with a laugh. She wants to thank Homes from the Heart and all of you for the blessing of a secure home.

AuthorShaughnessy Miller