Oftentimes, our homes can give all families, but especially women, the sense of security and financial means to move forward with their goals instead of remaining in a seemingly endless pattern of struggling. We specifically seek out single-parent families who would greatly benefit from a safe and paid-off home. We chose to work with Marie Jocelene Ocean for home 101.

Marie Jocelene is 39 years old and lives with her mother and three children in the small village of Dargout. She is raising her children on her own because her husband left to find work in the Dominican Republican 10 months ago and never returned. Though she was previously able to support her family through selling products, she has not been able to continue since the birth of her last baby. With the gift of this home, she feels like she can begin to work again. 

The security of having a home is a blessing for the community. It empowers men, women and families stop worrying about shelter and begin focusing on their goals. In Dargout, most of the houses are made out of mud. We hope to build more houses there soon.

AuthorShaughnessy Miller