Celebrating and Blessing the Completed Romero Community Center


Slideshow of the 100 Houses We Have Built in Croix des Bouquets, Haiti


Animated Slideshows of Homes from the Heart in El Salvador

Watch a community transformed from devastation to renewal. See our teams and equipment move enormous volumes of sand and debris to uncover 15 houses and 7 streets.


Senator John Edwards speaks with UC and UCLA students on his gratitude for the volunteer work in which they participated in El Salvador.

"I have never done anything in my life that is more important to me than what you are doing right now. This is what you will remember, I promise you."

Video by: Michael Bonderer


How to Make Concrete in El Salvador

15 students from the University of Cincinnati traveled to El Salvador in December 2007 to build 8 houses. This is how we made concrete.

Video by: Micah Whitt