Our team in Haiti completed its 95th home this week. The recipient of our home, Yvonne Poteau, experienced tragedy and the neighborhood came together to begin building a home, but ran out of resources. That is when they turned to Homes from the Heart to help them complete the job. Here is Yvonne's story:

Yvonne Poteau went out one evening to buy food. She had a 7-year-old and a 6-month-old in the home and, in the hopes of keeping them safe, locked the door from the outside. However, while she was out, the candles inside fell to the floor and set the home on fire. When the fire was put out, the remains of the two children were found under the iron bed on top of each other, meaning the 7-year-old was trying to save the baby. This story is truly heartbreaking and led the community to come together to support Yvonne and the rest of her family. Now, thanks to their concern and support, we have completed a new and safe home for her.

AuthorShaughnessy Miller