As many donors are aware, Homes from the Heart recently spent time in Guatemala following the eruption of Volcano Fuego and the devastating damage it caused. After meeting with local organizations to discuss their needs and how we could be of assistance, many of you donated money for boots, supplies, and roofing equipment. 

HFTH worked with 11 families to replace or repair roofs that were damaged by molten ash. The beneficiary families and their neighbors provided labor and lunch, working together to replace tin roofs that had melted. These families are now sheltered from the rains that come almost daily, but there is more to be done! Homes has identified an additional 27 families that urgently need our help. For an average cost of $556 per house, we can shelter a family from the rain.

The people of Guatemala are grateful, and in the words of one beneficiary:  “We have no money to pay you, but God will reward you for what you have done for us.” It is a blessing and a privilege to help them!

AuthorShaughnessy Miller