On Wednesday, July 21st, with the help of Starfish Orphan Ministries, we were able to start getting our Day Care project moving in the community of San Luis Talpa.  We still have a long way to go before the Day Care will be up and running, but this week marked significant progress towards that goal.

A few members of the Starfish Orphan Ministries team with experience and expertise in day care were able to lend us a hand by giving a training course for women of the community.  These women were chosen based on their ability to care for children, responsibility they have shown in the past, and a desire to pursue this opportunity for a new job.  The course went very well and we are extremely grateful to the Starfish team for lending us their skills and know-how.  They even brought in certificates of achievement that were distributed upon completion of the course.  At the end of the day we held a small ceremony where each woman was presented with her certificate.  It was a wonderful time to get to praise the women and give them some recognition they may not often receive.


While the training was being held, the rest of the team eagerly got to work both helping deco-block the inside of our most recent building and playing with the kids.  Their help made it possible to finish the inside walls in order to get them ready to be painted the next day.  While some of the group worked, the others had a plethora of activities planned for the kids including balloon animals, Bible story plays, and interactive puppet shows that the kids all thoroughly enjoyed.

The next day, one of the team members was able to return with us to the project in order to paint the walls to get the day care ready.  We spent the day filling the walls with as many animals and other drawings as we had time to.  We’re excited to continue with this project and thankful the team was gracious enough to lend us Michaela to help us out in beautifying our walls.

Friday was sadly our last day with Starfish, but it was a great way to end the week.  They were able to bring over 20 disabled kids and teen moms from CIPI Orphanage to enjoy a day at our beach house.  We felt extremely blessed able to be a part of such a special day for God’s beautiful children.  Their excitement and laughter playing in the pool and the ocean made for an amazing day.


The love and patience showed by everyone there was a yet another reminder of how important it is for us to care for the least of these, who are so often forgotten.  We know the love shown to those kids and the rare chance for them to spend a day away from the orphanage was a blessing from God and we can’t thank Him enough for such an opportunity.

Thanks to the Starfish team for helping us out and spending time with us this week, it was a blessing to see the way God is using each and every one of you to love His children in a special way.

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