Between Friday evening and early Sunday morning on November 6 – 8, 2009, the nation of El Salvador was drenched with a heavy, steady rain from a tropical storm that indiscriminantly wrought destruction in many parts of the country. Heavily saturated soils combined with steep, already unstable slopes caused innumerable mudslides to occur. Rivers throughout the region were bombarded with the sudden influx of water, causing raging destruction along their banks and destroying bridges and communities in their paths. Thousands of houses and people quickly became burried in heavy mud that blanketed their roads and communities. The death toll continues to rise above 150 and well over 13,000 are without shelter.

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All Homes from the Heart – Fuller Center staff are safe and our property and projects are unharmed. For this reason and others we feel a particular calling to contribute our equipment, man power, and connection to resourses in whatever way we can. Our ministry has always and will continue to react to the current needs of the underpriveledged. We cannot sit idly by witholding our resources and we sincerely hope that you will join us. At this point, funding is the most critical aspect of mobilizing our efforts. In the mean time we will continue gathering information, assessing the needs, and determining how to most effectively aid the situation and the people of El Salvador.

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