Senator John Edwards took time to make a return visit to El Salvador during the week of October 15, 2009. Edwards had a chance to meet with the Evangelical Alliance and elected officials of El Salvador. He also visited the Salvadoran Institute for the Rehabilitation of Disabled Persons in San Salvador. The most important part of the visit to the institute was learning how much of what they do can be prevented by proper care at the community level. The senator then had the opportunity to make another visit to the ongoing housing projects of Homes from the Heart – Fuller Center for Housing. Senator Edwards, and friend Michael Cucchiara (a green housing and infrastructure developer), plans to continue working with us in El Salvador and advocating with us for the needs of the poor.

Senator Edwards has recognized the important relationship between Central America and the United States. Not only are strong relationships needed throughout the Americas to promote peace and prosperity, a strong Central America is key to the health and economy of the United States. Making El Salvador a better place to live will make the region strong and reduce the need for illegal immigration and activity in the United States

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