Maculla Milien, like many of the Haitians that came through the 2010 earthquake, has known great loss. Her house, her husband, and her son, all were stolen from her in one cruel disaster. However, she didn't give up. She picked up the pieces and kept moving, supporting herself and her remaining children by buying goods that she could resell at the market. The tent pictured below provided meager shelter for the family as they continued to hope for a change.

Today, Maculla's hopes have turned into realities.  She and her family live in a sturdy, dry, earthquake-resistant home complete with the bright colors and inviting front porch that are characteristic of Haitian culture.  Not every loss can be restored, but this miracle, as Maculla calls it, can bring one family closer to healing and happiness.  Their thanks and prayers are given to all who made this new home a reality.